Webstyle Inc. Los Angeles :: Beware of German fraudsters!

A few days ago I discovered the "new" website "webstyle.com".  I think that well-known German liars and fraudsters standing behind the company "Webstyle Inc., 600 Wilshire Blvd, Suite 500, Los Angeles, CA 90017" with the CEO Marcel Weymann and COO Konstantin Graf.

The domain "webstyle.com" was registered according to the whois data of a Daniel Fratzscher for the German Webstyle GmbH:

Registrant Name: Daniel Fratzscher
Registrant Organization: Webstyle GmbH
Registrant Street: Wallstra├če 16 Haus G
Registrant City: Berlin
Registrant state / province:
Registrant Postal Code: 10179
Registrant Country: DE
Registrant Phone: +49.302844980
Registrant Phone Ext:
Registrant Fax: +49.30284498111
Registrant Fax Ext:
Registrant email: nic@webstyle.de

I will return to the very remarkable person Mr. Daniel Fratzscher. I begin with Webstyle GmbH: (a "GmbH" is a legal form of a legal person and similar to an INC., The limited liability is characteristic)

The European company mentioned on the web site "webstyle.com" can only be associated with Webstyle GmbH.

This Webstyle GmbH never had 25000 customers. Also not in succession. Nevertheless, on the website of the former (sic!) Website of the Webstyle GmbH on which is now advertised the Webstyle Inc., claims that the European company has 25000 customers. This is clearly a lie.

Webstyle GmbH never had 600 employees. This statement is also a lie.

It is claimed that the company was founded 15 years ago. This is also a lie.

Real facts:

1. Age of company:

The company was registered for the first time as "Ramona Media GmbH" in 2007 in the Cologne commercial register (file number HRB 61611). The company does not exist according to German law. In 2009, the company was renamed "Webstyle GmbH" and moved to Berlin. (Amtsgericht Charlottenburg (Berlin) File number: HRB 117837 B). The company is thus once once 10 years old and not as claimed 15!

2. Employees:

The company is obliged to publish annual annual reports. These annual reports are as follows:

Year 2009:
"In fiscal 2009, the company had an average of one employee."

Year 2010:
"In 2010, the company had an average of 0 employees."

Year 2011:
"In 2011, the company had an average of 0 employees."

Year 2012:
"The company did not have any employees during the 2012 financial year."

Year 2013:
"In fiscal 2013, the company had no employees."

Year 2014:
"In fiscal year 2014 the company had no employees."

Year 2015:
"In fiscal year 2015, the company had no employees."

You have to ask the question, who should have advertised and looked after the 25,000 customers. Who has created all the websites, upgraded, supported? Apparently no one.

3. Owner and manager:

The managing director of Webstyle GmbH is a Daniel Fratzscher (D├╝sseldorf), to whom Christoph Preu├č (D├╝sseldorf) is at least financially involved. Business units are owned by Euroweb Deutschland GmbH, in which both persons are involved.

Both Christoph Preu├č (D├╝sseldorf) and Daniel Fratzscher are known liars and criminals.

In 2015, Christoph Preuss (D├╝sseldorf) accepted in a deal a "money deposit" amounting to a 5-digit euro amount and thus accepted a conviction before the criminal court in Leipzig for fraud.

These were accusations under the following file:

    Prosecution of 29.07.2010 - 201 Ls 701 Js 56394/09,
    Prosecution of 21.06.2011 - 201 Ds 701 Js 18380/11,
    Prosecution of 23.02.2011 - 201 Ds 701 Js 46947/10,
    Prosecution of 07.02.2011 - 201 Ds 701 Js 50960/10,
    Prosecution of 30.11.2011 - 226 Ds 701 Js 57398/11,
    Accusation m.d. File number - 201 Ds 802 Js 44607/10 and
    Accusation m.d. Case number - 201 Ds 701 Js 63814/10

Further criminal charges (prosecutor's office D├╝sseldorf, file number 90 JS 2319 / A) were rejected because Christoph Preu├č did not expect any further delicate punishment under German law.

Daniel Fratzscher has deliberately wrongly assured in lieu of an oath instead of being oath in the court proceedings 14c O 70/15 of the D├╝sseldorf court (Euroweb Internet GmbH against J├Ârg Reinholz, the author of this article):

[Excerpt 4]
"The user name" p.howells "is assigned to the employee Pascall Howells."

[Excerpt 5]
"As the employee of Howells stated that he had not accessed the CRM system at this time and had not passed any data to Mr. Reine, we suspect that Mr. Reinholz hacked our system and picked up the data."

The alleged employee Pascall Howells intentionally wrongly assured in the same procedure of oath ("perjury") that he was an employee of Euroweb Internet GmbH.

In fact, Pascall Howells was not an employee of Euroweb Internet GmbH. He was directly or indirectly, probably under the threat of losing his place of work, to the false statement. The perjury and the request to do so are punishable in Germany, but the procedures take a long time.

In addition, this procedure appears to be summarized by a prosecutor's procedure in D├╝sselorf (Daniel JS 149/13) against Daniel Fratzscher (D├╝sseldorf, born on 10.03.1969), Christoph Preu├č (D├╝sseldorf, born 19.09.1971) and others, So that it can still last until the legally binding conclusion.

Process 14c O 70/15 of the District Court of Duesseldorf was conducted to avenge myself, to harm me. After I had shown to the court that both oaths were intentionally wrong, the action against me was withdrawn.

Already in the year 2015, the Oberlandesgericht D├╝sseldorf in two proceedings for alleged "defamation" of Euroweb Internet GmbH and the Webstyle GmbH stated that it is not unlawful to designate Euroweb Internet GmbH and Webstyle GmbH as fraudsters. This is a justified opinion. Two applications for applications and a complaint against me were then withdrawn.

4. "Reference clients"

The Webstyle GmbH but also the Euroweb Internet GmbH of Messrs. Preu├č and Fratzscher have served in Germany the following procedure:

- Companies are and are being illegally called (!)
- In this call it was claimed that it was a free offer for companies.
- In the agreed discussion, the customers are prepaid and prepaid, they would save several thousand euros against comparable offers, but they would have to sign immediately.
- In fact, this is sold far above the market price for a very simple website, which was created with a building kit system and is hosted on outdated servers in an bulgarian office (not a "data center") more badly than rightly.

5. Judgments:

The Webstyle GmbH but also the Euroweb Internet GmbH were condemned by German courts to omit:
  • to advertise with a "own data center"
  • make cold calls
  • to prohibit the application of the contracts offered by them with "free of charge"
  • to advertise with customers who are not their customers
  • ...

6. Other judgments:

After convictions for fraudulent misrepresentation, Euroweb Internet GmbH has attempted to withdraw the judgment from the BGH. When it was foreseeable that this was not successful, the application and the action against the defendant customer were withdrawn to avoid a conviction by the highest German court.

7. Number of procedures, advertising with satisfied customers:

Just a few years ago Euroweb Internet GmbH of Messrs. Preu├č and Fratzscher promised "more than 20,000 satisfied customers". At the same time, it became known that this had more than 2,000 legal disputes before the D├╝sseldorf courts with just these "satisfied customers".

8. More criminal acts:

On the part of the Euroweb / Webstyle conglomerate several attempts were tryed to "hack" my websites, so to penetrate my websites. Because the criminal law in germany is very "lacy", I asked for a ban on bribery before the District Court in D├╝sseldorf. Another trial took place recently.

9. What Daniel Fratzscher and Christoph Preu├č themselves say:

In a court proceeding, they have made it clear that their "deceived" fraud is about "modern American business methods".

The two have now arrived where they will show them the way. I hope the way into the prison.


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The same street:


"Marcel W***
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"Die Firma Yourate Holding GmbH ist im Handelsregister beim Amtsgericht D├╝sseldorf unter der Nummer HRB 75223 registriert.
Mit der Gesch├Ąftsf├╝hrung sind Marcel W*** ..."

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"Our address
Yourate Inc.
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"Registrant Name: Jan W***
Registrant Organisation: yourRate GmbH
Registrant Street: Hansaallee 299"

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HRB 72037: yourRate GmbH, D├╝sseldorf, Hansaallee 299
Nicht mehr Gesch├Ąftsf├╝hrer: W***, Jan
Bestellt als Gesch├Ąftsf├╝hrer: P***, Christoph"

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"Georgi G***
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